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We could take this opportunity to sound hip and trendy by making up a mythical creature that has given us our recipe in secret or by telling you we are revolutionising the drinks world with Root2Ginger.  We could tell you that we have invented something new but of course we are sure you know that ginger has been used medicinally and enjoyed for pleasure by many cultures around the world for hundreds of years.  These may be great marketing tools or appeal to the modern drinker looking for something new. However, we are choosing to just keep it real and believe in the great taste of our drinks and years of positive feedback!

Root2Ginger Heritage Photo

Our drinks are simply made from heritage, from recipes developed over generations of trial and error, instinct and passion, memory, and taste as nothing was written down.   We remember the original cold pressing of ginger by hand and watched other generations grating basins of ginger for hours and straining juice through muslin.  We have watched generations of women in our family make their versions of ginger beer and ginger drinks and brought all that heritage with us into Root2Ginger and built on it. 

We now have modern juicers thank goodness but working with ginger is still hard work.  We have developed new recipes and now we have written them down for our family and to ensure we produce consistently high-quality drinks for you.  We have a new generation who are again appreciating the health benefits of ginger, drinking ginger shots, and enjoying the fire of ginger as a soft drink, tea, or cocktail mixer.

Root2Ginger Heritage Photo

On our journey one of the most enjoyable experiences we have is listening to the childhood memories of our customers from many cultures share stories of their mother, grandmother, aunty, growing a ginger plant, making ginger beer on summer days or ginger tea for their colds.  We have been told by people from other cultures around the world ‘we thought ginger was something only we used’.  When people taste our drinks, they realise how authentic they are; in that moment we laugh together and we are connected!   We especially like when the older generation tastes our drinks and comment ‘that takes me back’ or ‘this is the real thing’.   These comments make us proud of our heritage and know we have it right. 

We are more the same than different as we say in the Jamaican National motto 
Out of Many One People’.  

It reflects the diversity of the Jamaican people being a mix of different races, cultures, and religions. 

Please continue to share your ginger stories with us we love to hear them. 

Root2Ginger Heritage Photo
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