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Being Spirit Free In 2023

R2G Spiced Pink Grapefruit Margarita

Being Spirit Free can be an empowering choice not a compromise. There are now a wide range of alcohol-free drink choices on the market. We are pleased to be an option for many people who enjoy the Fiery Kick of our drinks as they give the impression of a spirit.

Whether you enjoy our Golden Serve by mixing Root2Ginger with still or sparkling water or use our drinks as a mixer you will find that they provide a very versatile choice to your drink options.

We first made our Pink Grapefruit Margarita for a private alcohol-free cocktail event for residents at 2 Manchester town centre apartments last year. They went down a storm and have remained as part our event cocktail menu which includes both alcohol- and alcohol-free drinks.

If you are considering being mindful about your drinking in 2023 or doing Dry January, why not try our Margarita made with Mockingbird Agave Tequila alcohol free spirit it’s delicious!

R2G Spiced Pink Grapefruit Margarita Recipe

50ml Tequila

70ml Pink Grapefruit Juice

25ml Blood orange Juice

15ml Lime juice

25ml R2G Spiced

Pink sea salt, cinnamon & cane sugar

Prepare glass with lime wedge around rim or side

place in cane sugar, pink sea salt and

cinnamon mix.

Half fill tumbler glass with crushed ice.

Give all ingredients a hard shake and

strain into glass.


See our website Recipe Page for more ideas with our range of award winning Root2Ginger drinks.

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