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The silly season is upon us and Root2Ginger wanted to give you an extra 10% off our best-selling product. Our amazing customers just cannot get enough of Fiery. It's the perfect winter warm on these chilly mornings and an ideal gift for your loved ones this Christmas. Fiery Natural Ginger Drink Mix is packed with cold-pressed Peruvian ginger root and makes a great ginger beer when diluted with sparkling or still water and served with crushed ice. It also makes great mocktails and cocktails as it is a very versatile mixer with alcohol and alcohol-free drinks.

Our alcohol-free drinks are packed with ginger they stand alone all you have to do is add water or they can be used as versatile mixers you decide! Check out our recipe page for tricks and tips! Are you a regular buyer? You can save even more, the 10% Black Friday Offer applies to our "Sub & Save". Subscribe for 6 months and get a massive 20% off! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

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