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We were beyond pleased to be invited by Cloudwatersoda in Manchester to be part of this drink which marked International Women’s Day 2022 with 50% of its profits going to Endometriosis UK.

The alcohol-free soda uses cold pressed ginger from Root2Ginger (as stated on the can) which gives it a warming heat! Blueberries provide a lovely tannic character, and you’ll find soft notes of cardamon and pear too. It pours out of the can as a vibrant colour and is absolutely delicious.

We loved working with the team at Cloudwater, they are a fantastic group of people. If your visiting central Manchester you must check out their Tap Room. Their brewery founded in 2014 makes some of the finest quality modern beers.

I had the pleasure of meeting co-founder Paul Jones when I started out on my Root2Ginger journey, and he happened to come across our drinks on a market stall and bought all 4 flavours. At the time I had no idea about Cloudwater, we were just 2 people who had a nice chat in the sun about drinks we were making.

Life is so joyously unpredictable!

You can order direct from

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