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Ginger Helps to Keep Your Body Warm

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Ginger helps keep your body warm, a cup of ginger tea rather than your usual cuppa will help keep you warm and cosy. Try adding a dash of ginger in your brew as its thermogenic properties stave off the chills, keeping your body warm. You can add hot water to all of our Root2Ginger Drinks and enjoy their wonderful soothing effects.

Ginger stimulates thermogenesis and is a diaphoretic (it warms your body from the inside out) – so it gives you double the warmth! It boosts your metabolism, helps your digestion and even promotes blood flow to warm your fingers and toes.

We are all in for a tough winter and a few of our customers have commented that they will be buying our drinks more over the winter to combat high heating bills. We hope we have a speedy return to everyone enjoying our drinks for their taste but totally appreciate the natural benefits of ginger for our bodies.

If you’re not a fan of tea try adding a dash of Root2Ginger to your food, including soups, porridge, smoothies, stir fries, cakes etc.

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