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Discover the 4 flavours of Root2Ginger; Fiery, Spiced, Mint & Fierce!

We’re very proud to have brought 4 flavours to you in such a short space of time. Deanne has been making Fiery ginger beer for her friends and family for over 25 years. When people began to ask to buy the bottles Deanne worked hard to develop a consistent recipe and create a brand that would be recognised as premium quality ginger beer. R2G is designed to bring a truly authentic ginger kick without using additives and flavourings just the real goodness and Fire of Ginger root. Root2Ginger has been developed to be a versatile drink mix you add it to your liquid of choice or drink it neat, you make it to the strength you like and kick back and enjoy. We believe our bottles are value for money we do not sell bubbles or water they are free so you get to have many golden serves of R2G from one of our bottles.

During the first part of the Covid pandemic, Deanne was enjoying R2G Fiery at home as a hot cosy drink, throwing a few green cardamon pods, cinnamon sticks, star anise and pimento in a big pot in the evening for the family to enjoy. This became a nighttime ritual in the house and was the start of a journey to create this on a greater scale. Now you have R2G Spiced it comes as a surprise to everyone who tastes it!

R2G mint was a happy accident as Deanne made ginger mojitos from R2G Fiery, fresh lime and mint on market stalls During the summer of 2021 not long after R2G began trading. People loved the mojitos so much that Deanne worked on recipe development over a period of time creating a ginger mojito in a bottle. One customer tasted it and commented ‘my dear this was made for the Gods” It is delicious and refreshing, the best summer drink and it’s doesn’t hurt to add a splash of rum.

Deanne’s vision for the name of R2G Fierce came to her in a flash and was made within a few weeks. She originally made it for herself as she eats raw ginger regularly and can take the heat. She never for one minute thought that other people would manage such a strong ginger burn. When Deanne called in her trusty team of tasters they all agreed they could handle it STRONG. It has become a best seller made for the brave and those who want to feel as well as taste their ginger. People like to buy this to detox or do a daily ginger shot.

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