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The Growth of Root2Ginger

Deanne originally began making ginger drinks over 25 years ago after watching her mother and Aunts make many variations of ginger drinks and other drinks derived from their Jamaican heritage. She saved plastic bottles to make ginger beer and later replaced these with glass bottles from a local hardware store which she gifted to family and friends at Christmas. Of course, she kept a stash back at home which we enjoyed for the rest of the year, especially during the summertime or special occasions.

These drinks were a simpler and much less concentrated version of what is now Root2Ginger Fiery and did not use any organic ingredients. The bottle label originally read ‘Deanie’s ginger beer’ (her family nickname) later progressing to her full name Deanne. The mixing instructions on the front of the label remain the same and are now on the back of our Root2Ginger bottles.

Deanne put her mind to creating a consistent recipe and sourcing the finest organic ingredients for the unique taste of Root2Ginger. In 2022 all Root2Ginger drinks were awarded international Great Taste awards including a 3* award for Root2Ginger Spiced. Root2Ginger now manufacture its own drinks and is a growing family business.

Root2Ginger, making natural organic ginger drinks from premium ingredients influenced by our Jamaican heritage.

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