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VIDEO: Root2Ginger x Cloud Water Collaboration 2023!

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

We have spent the past few months working with Cloudwater Soda to develop this ginger beer. Me and my son Adisa had several meetings with Cloudwater as we tested ingredients and tasted recipes. Our final day of brewing was so much fun, it was a great experience working in a large brewery and seeing all the technical side of working at such a big scale.

The ginger beer will be launched next week and will be available from Cloudwater. This is our 3rd can with Cloudwater and it is great to be working with other people who are passionate about what they do.

They are a fantastic group of people. If your visiting central Manchester you must check out their Tap Room. Their brewery founded in 2014 makes some of the finest quality modern beers and sodas.

I had the pleasure of meeting co-founder Paul Jones when I started out on my Root2Ginger journey in 2021, he happened to come across our drinks on a market stall. At the time I had no idea about Cloudwater, we were just 2 people who had a nice chat in the sun about drinks we were making.

Life is so joyously unpredictable


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