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Deanne Root2Ginger Founder
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Manchester Worker Bee

Hello, My name is Deanne, I am the founder of R2G Root2Ginger
Our family originates from the Caribbean and we have carried on our family tradition of making ginger drinks here in Manchester.

Our fiery ginger drink was originally made as a family ginger beer treat during festive holidays and special occasions using ginger, cane sugar and lemons. Soon, every weekend became a special occasion and family, friends and their friends began to ask for more and more.  

I learnt to make this as a concentrate simply because I could not keep up with demand for the ready to go drink.  Overtime I perfected our recipes and developed new flavours.  We have decided to share our family joy with you, but please be careful as our drinks have a fiery kick.


If you like ginger you will fall in love.

Our concentrated ginger drinks are made using premium organic products including cold pressed Peruvian ginger root, raw cane sugar, lemon juice, fresh limes and spices. We do not use any artificial colours, additives or flavourings. The high ginger root content in our drinks makes them unique.


All you need to do is add water.

Our drinks are suitable for vegans & gluten free.  In addition, ginger is a superfood with many health benefits as well as being a natural energiser.
R2G drinks are alcohol free and
a great alternative to those who want to cut back or simply have a range of choices. They also provide a versatile mixer to alcohol.

Our flint glass bottles are beautifully packaged and have labels with a gold leaf finish. They make ideal gifts or provide the experience of a special treat and we love that.
We are a family business who take pride in producing our premium alcohol free drinks. Our products are hand crafted in Manchester with love.

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