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Sharing Ginger Beer Stories In New York

Sharing ginger beer stories is always a pleasure to me. So it was great to meet with Monica Freeman - Greene co-founder of Uncle Waithley’s Ginger Beer in Harlem New York. Monica responded to my email before I left Manchester and gave me a warm welcome. Like us, their ginger beer is inspired by the Caribbean.

Co-founder Karl Franz was inspired by his Uncle who added a scotch bonnet to his ginger beer to enhance the fiery kick. Their drink is stocked in Whole Foods Markets across the US and served at their bar in Harlem. It tastes delicious, we tried the original and Sorrel. I’ve tasted lots of ginger beers on my visit here and this is the only one I would buy it was fire.  Monica shared their wonderful journey with us and of course, we shared some Root2Ginger with her.

If you’re in Harlem, it's definitely worth a visit to their cosy neighbourhood bar, 67 Orange St.

Thank you Monica

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